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If you are having trouble getting your system to read and recognize your discs, it may be time for a repair.


Scratches are one of the leading causes of disc read errors and in most cases, can be repaired to look brand new!


We will examine your game disc and for only $5, our machines will restore your games and give them new life*. Repairing your games can sometimes add value to your game or even save you the cost of replacement, especially on newer or hard-to-find titles. We can repair any Playstation, Nintendo, or XBOX game disc.


*Results are not guaranteed.


We now offer battery replacement in any cartridge game that uses a battery to save.  Pokemon games for the Game Boy are the most common, however we can fix GBA, N64, SNES, Genesis, and NES games. If you have a cartridge game that will not hold your save, bring it in to have it repaired today.

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