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New Arrivals for Thursday, April 14th

Lynx: Gauntlet, Klax, Batman Returns, Todd's Adventures in Slime World, Paperboy (CIB), Chip's Challenge (CIB), Power Factor (CIB), Steel Talons (CIB), Tournament Cyberball (CIB), Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop (CIB), Pit Fighter (CIB), Basketbrawl (CIB), Switchblade II (CIB), Hydra (CIB), Xybots (CIB), Rampart (CIB), Ishido (CIB), Shanghai (CIB), Turbo Sub (CIB) NGP: Faselei!, SNK Gals' Fighters, Card Fighters Clash: SNK Version, King of Fighters R2, Match of the Millennium: Capcom vs. SNK, Dark Arms, Puzzle Link, Puzzle Link 2, Pac-Man PS2: Kya: Dark Lineage 360: Lost Odyssey, The Last Remnant NS: Gris Systems & Accessories: Playstation 4 (500gb), Xbox One S (White, 1TB), Xbox Series S (white), Atari Lynx 2, Nintendo 2DS (Blue/Black), Xbox One Controller (Black, Sport White), Joy-Con L/R (gray), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (black), Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10, Atari Lynx Pouch (CIB), Comlynx Cable (CIB), Lynx Battery Pack (CIB)

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New Arrivals for Friday, July 19th

7800: Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Dark Chambers, Robotron 2084, Centipede, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, Tower Toppler, Galaga, Joust, Choplifter!, Pole Position II, Xevious, Food Fight, Ast

New Arrivals for Wednesday, July 17th

SS: X-Men vs. Street Fighter (JPN), Shining the Holy Ark (JPN), Cyber Troopers: Virtual-On NES: Pac-Man (JPN), Bomberman (JPN), Mother (JPN), The Goonies (JPN), The Goonies 2, The Legend of Zelda (FDS

New Arrivals for Saturday, July 13th

INTV: Frogger (CIB) DC: Army Men: Sarge's Heroes SNES: Super Puyo Puyo (JPN) DS: Discovery Kids: Kitten Corner 3DS: Pokémon Sun, Super Smash Bros., Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Donkey Kong Country Retu


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